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Chaffey Highlands Eyecare


To better serve you, we have moved to our new location close by with lots of parking.


Learn more about the anatomy of your eye. The eye is a complex organ, which takes many parts to make it function.


As a convenience to our contact lens wearing patients, you can now order your contacts through our website!

Welcome to Chaffey Highlands Eyecare!

Thank you for choosing Chaffey Highlands Optometric Eyecare!

We are your local high-tech eyecare and family optometric center for all your vision and ocular health needs.

If you are looking for dedicated care by an experienced Optometrist and a well-trained staff, state-of-the-art technology, provided in a setting designed for patient comfort, give Chaffey Highlands Eyecare a call.

Our goal and commitment to achieve 100% customer satisfaction will show the moment you step into our modernized office and are greeted by our friendly staff. We are a family oriented business founded on treating all customers with respect. We strive not only to provide you with the best service and products available but that through education, training, tools and resources you will walk away with a healthier "FOCUS" on life.